handmade paper & artist books by lisa miles


Artist in Residence • Nemacolin


I am grateful to have been included in the inaugural year of the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort Artist in Residence program. At Walden Pond, the artist in residence house and studio, I was surrounded by dense trees, forest critters, and lush vistas. I shared the secluded space with two lovely, creative women –  oil painter, Claire Hardy, and fashion designer, Ella Pritsker. During my time there, I was able to focus deeply on my work and further push my bark paper “drawing” technique. When I was not naturally dyeing kozo fiber or hand-beating bark paper, I was riding my bicycle through the rolling hills and stopping to capture the endless landscapes in my sketch book. Responding to the vibrant hues found in the Laurel Highlands, the books I created feature a primarily blue and green palette. I was extremely productive and produced a number of miniature bark paper codices and a new wall installation – Codices Fish Clan, 2019 – pictured below. I enjoyed spending time with all of the guests who visited during open studio hours and my artist talk. Thanks again to Amanda and the staff at Nemacolin for their support during my stay.



handbeaten kozo bark paper, plant dyes
8 one of a kind miniature books, 8" x 1.5"


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